Must a web designer learn the basics of coding?

graphic-1552416_960_720Perhaps, a web designer does not need to know the coding stuff. They want to concentrate on their specialty and that is the creative side of building a website. Leave the developers on what they do best and that is to bring the design into a live working site. Nonetheless, isn’t it better to create a website with design tools specifically created to build a website without even the help of a developer?

Generation of Specialization

These days, most of us are seeking for a specialist. Pregnant women will need a Gynecologist, a man suffering oral inflammation will need a periodontist orange county, and an online business will need a web developer. Modern day web designers are now pushing the boundaries. They want full control, to see their work go live. And so they are crossing the boundaries of web development in order to become better.

 A good web designer wants to master his craft and thus go beyond designing and understands the medium of the web which is coding.

Now, the real question for any web designer (who wants to be better at what they do) is what codes does one web designer needs to have full control of what he does?

A web designer will have to understand the basics of the programming language. They don’t have to learn everything. Just enough understanding in order for them to make great designs, to make their designs come to life and be interactive of its purpose.

Watch this: How to Learn Web Design and Programming

Programming can be very overwhelming especially for someone who has not any technical skills or no real exposure to programming. But a web designer must understand that he uses a whole lot of programming languages to really come up with good designs. A web designer must at least understand three basic programming languages:

  • HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • JavaScript

Reality is that designers are not required to learn programming but they must understand the basics of front end web development. This understanding will help them expand their creativity level with new designs, implement new live sites, and the ability to communicate with developers.