Must Watch Movies For Programmers

At the dawn of the new era, technology has given birth to programmers who have changed a lot of things in the way we live our lives. Many movies have been written, filmed, and created to show who programmers work in the real world. If you are in awe about programming and how they work, here are four films that you will surely enjoy. You can also watch FullOnlineMoviesFree for any movies you missed in theaters.

Hackers in 1995

Hackers were a criminal movie in the 1990’s about big hackers who broke into a computer network of a large corporation, discovering the evidence of a scheme of embezzlement. Now, they have to save their lives before the police get them.

This film is exciting, rebellious, has an excellent soundtrack and also contains a few practical facets of encoding, that ought to give you a sense of feeling happy.

Office space in 1999

The Space Office is among the best-known comedy that illustrates the imaginary life of a corporate programmer – Peter Gibbons and also his co-workers.

Gibbons detests his work with a software firm and resents working with oversight management and the daily minutiae of a heartless corporate project.

Fortunately, the benefits of being a programmer have been greatly improved since the Office Space era. But this movie is still funny in the face of mysterious thinking that several IT employees have talked about in earlier times.

The social network in 2010

The social network is a powerful film that shows the narrative of Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard college student and programming guru, who created Facebook and changed how people go on with their lives forever.

But, as you know, the story of the Facebook foundation is filled with dramatic public and legal difficulties. It is thought that the social network is structured on real occurrences generally, even though Zuckerberg publicly questioned many aspects of the film in real life.

In either case, most programmers are thrilled to see The Social Network, in large part because the film shows an incredible quest that can only be achieved by learning a programming language.

We are Legion: The Story of Hacktivists in 2012

This is a documentary concerning the beliefs and general activities of the “hacktivist” Anonymous group.

The documentary gives light to the origin of Anonymous, the differences in the history of Anonymous, and how the team meets at a time when the freedom of the internet or personal data security is vulnerable.