Top Android Apps for Camping

Whether you’re thinking about going camping for the first time, a normal camper, or simply somebody who enjoys the sound of ‘glamping’, then there are quite a few methods in which your smartphone can help improve your experience.

For many, camping is going to be a perfect method to escape from smartphones and electronics, but for people who would rather have tiny digital guidance, then below are ten camping-themed programs for Android which are worth checking out. Note that some of these apps are not available for iOS.

Camping Checklist

Before going out on your next camping experience, you will have taken care of all of the things which you will need to in the home. To make sure that’s true and also to be certain that you don’t overlook anything whilst off, Camping Checklist provides a useful to-do listing when planning for the camping trip.

Survival Tools

It’s quite sensible to be certain you’re emotionally ready for any experience. You will don’t know when you may have to begin a fire for heat. Bearing that in mind, this program provides much different advice on living in the wild, in addition to the strange emergency also.

Park4night – Motorhome Cabinet

Park4night isn’t too similar to RV Parks & Campgrounds and will provide the lowdown on several different campsites. But this one does include a European accent. Point to note could be changed from the settings.

First Aid

Obviously, like every experience, keeping you and your fellow cyclists protected and well ought to be of extreme importance. Bearing that in mind, here is actually the official American Red Cross program. This will offer a great deal of advice about which to do in lots of emergency scenarios.

Camping Lantern

Everybody is well aware of the numerous flashlight apps available on Android. Not to mention telephones come with flashlights built in today. Nevertheless, if you want more of a lantern established flashlight program – then you are.


Camping is one thing, getting dropped is another. Therefore, if you’re considering hiking while swimming then you may want to make certain you get a wonderful compass program installed – like that one.

GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic

Talking of navigation, based on how much you intend to go hiking or in case you merely need better info in your surrounding region, then you are going to want an excellent maps program. You could, of course, use Google Maps, but if you would like to have a program that claims to be “the most innovative GPS navigation program”, compared to Sygic is well worth checking out. This one will not also permit you to download entire areas so that you won’t need to be worried about setting a link or information fees after camping.

Useful Knots

Another fantastic program worth checking out is Useful Knots. The capacity to tie a fantastic knot will probably continually come in handy once you want it the most. Regardless of what it is you’re camping in, it’s far much better to be prepared than not.



RV Parks & Campgrounds

Whilst camping is supposed to be an experience, there are factors that do need to be mundanely planned. Where you may camp is absolutely one of these. This program looks to provide reviews and information on quite a few committed campsites and ones that allow RV parking too.

Camp USA

Moving from Europe back into the U.S., Camp USA may also offer you an abundance of information on several different campsites, in addition to reviews and images where available. When this offers a number of the very exact attributes as RV Parks & Campgrounds, occasionally it’s very great to check over 1 program source to ensure to decide on the ideal location.